Roll for a Biter – Cornwall, ON

We are fortunate to be able to compete, travel, and eat at some amazing places. In particular, our team loves great coffee and those restaurant finds that are unique to the places we visit. We’ll try and feature some of our favourites during our season stops in our “Roll for a Biter” blog as we compete throughout Canada.

This week we are in Cornwall, Ontario and found a gem of a breakfast place:

Harv’s Diner on Pitt Street
Tough to beat Harv’s for quality, speedy service, and price… that might be why we’ve made our way here 3 days running now!


Team McEwen’s recommendation? The Chicken Fiesta Omelette!

GORP-WORLD-GETOUT-RGBjpgAnd because we are talking food we want to remind people of where we get our in game energy needs from: Gorp Clean Energy Bars!

Produced right here in the Canadian Prairies with many ingredients locally grown. We are proud to have them as supporters of Team McEwen and they would love for our fans to give clean (and tasty) energy a try!

Head over to Gorp World and all online orders using promo code MCEWEN will receive 10% off.


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