2014 in Review – From the Ashes

“One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.” Henry Ford

The days were dark in February of 2014 – darker than normal for our team. What little light had shone on us that day had finally faded far beyond the horizon. Was the sun going to rise for Team McEwen again? It didn’t look good.

Seven years together and there we were again sitting in a small arena change room that smelled more of self-defeat than the remnants of sweaty hockey gear that lined the benches only last week and would again in the days to come. Curling gear bags and runner-up trophies sat beside each other both looking like ugly reminders of defeat. Our coach talked, our sports psychologist talked, and we listened as best we could after the message passed through some pretty heavy storm cloud filters swirling in our heads.

So this was it? It certainly felt like our team was cooked, done, finished in those moments. And you know what? It was done. Team McEwen as we knew it was never going to be the same again – we just didn’t realize how.

February passed into memory and with that came March and April – two more chances at a piece of redemption with Grand Slam events. This gave us time to properly evaluate, reflect, and finally chats turned into serious meetings searching for revival. We found the beginnings of what we were looking for and with that we ventured into the off-season with action plans and the core 4 of us remained intact but willing and ready to change.

Fast forward to the fall World Curling Tour schedule and the results? Outstanding!

Eight for eight in playoff appearances and 6 of 8 championship titles! One of the best point total/winning streak runs ever put together by anyone had vaulted us into the #1 Ranked Team in the World – something we hadn’t been able to do since holding that spot for a brief time a few years ago. The opportunities to continue to improve and learn were definitely evident and anything seemed possible!

Have a look at this little highlight reel – thanks to Stan Fong at Hardline Curling for putting this together!

So here we are today. The first day of 2015 and the excitement, commitment, and work ethic of our team has never been better. We have made ourselves and each other better, but not without a lot of help from some key people who believed in us and gave us back our confidence. A huge thanks to:

Happy New Year everyone! Look for us on TV next week in the Continental Cup of Curling January 8-11 in Calgary, Alberta and then in Brandon, Manitoba as we go after the Manitoba Men’s Provincial Championship, February 4-8.

– Mike

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  1. W E Colling January 2, 2015 at 1:14 am # Reply

    A excellent blog, I’ve been waiting for your breakthrough did not expect to see such an stunning one in 2014 for your team. I believe this is your year or 4 years to shine keep doing what you all have been doing its a pleasure to watch you always. I like the red pants gives you class, remember what red on Sunday did for TW. Use all your skills and knowledge for provincials and everything will work out. Very best of luck for 2015

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