Getting our mojo back

It had to come to an end didn’t it?

9 straight World Curling Tour event finals dating back to January 2013! Heck, I can’t even remember the last time we didn’t at least qualify for the playoff round… and then, it hit… or “flashed”? Scheduling 4 events in a row was a bit too ambitious and it showed. But we seemed soooo good before and then we down-right sucked! We struggled just to get a W before getting out of BC and back home where we belonged! I remember one humorous tweet that described it perfectly: “@mcewencurling now regret going out for Halloween as a club curling team”. Haha, very funny. Actually, I really did chuckle at that… clever!

There’s something to be said for what constant play and not enough practice can/will do… things eventually breakdown and will show, sometimes sneaking up quite quickly, even though you’ve been getting by smoothly for some time. So, like I said, back home we went with our tails between our legs.

After some much needed rest and dedicated practice, I think the whole team felt ready for our next challenge, the Canadian Open Grand Slam this past weekend in Medicine Hat. Unfortunately, after going 3-2 in the round-robin we bowed out in an extra end loss in a tie-breaker. Another tough to swallow game, one we felt we let slip away. So, again no playoffs… wow… hit the panic button?!?

Let’s not call it the panic button, but it’s an alarm – a really darn good wake-up call. Maybe we were on snooze/cruise control for a bit too long. Lately, our precision has not been where it should be, and with that, confidence can slide away. Granted some of the ice has been a little tricky for all playing on it, but excuses aside, the best usually rise to the occasion regardless of when and where.

So! What good can we take from this turmoil?
A little spinning and this is what I’ve come up with – that we have a clearer picture of what it took to win before, what we lost, what went missing, and now what a better vision we have of what it will take to win in December at the Roar of the Rings in Winnipeg. Well, at least that’s what I believe… and belief upstairs is most of the battle! The team and I are ready for more practice and prepared readiness to meet this challenge. Ready to put it all out there to fight for that championship and each other!

Are you ready to Roar? (sorry, couldn’t resist)

– M


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